Apple Marzipan

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Melt with pleasure for our delicate apple-flavoured marzipan (almond paste). 


Individually wrapped for an optimal freshness, our marzipan is carefully manufactured in our South of France confectionery

This sweet candy is also available in orange, strawberry and lemon flavours.

Mix flavours for a medley of colours!

Our marzipan is a treat to eat in case of hunger or slip into your child's school bag.

Net weight: 27g

Best before: 6 months

Price per kg: €55

Ingredients and Allergens

AMANDE 38%, gels de fruits à la pomme 18% (sucre, sirop de glucose, jus de pommes à base de concentré (10%), gélifiant: pectine, concentrés végétaux (spiruline, carthame), acidifiant: acide citrique, arômes), sucre roux de canne, melon (melon, sirop de glucose-fructose, acidifiant: acide citrique, conservateur: SULFITES), sirop de glucose, miel, colorants: curcumine et bleu brillant, sel, conservateur: SULFITES. Contient Amande, Sulfites. Peut egalement contenir céréales contenant du gluten, lait, fruits à coques, oeuf, soja.


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