Sète Shield - Anise

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Sète's unescapable biscuit : the Anise-flavoured Shield


A completely crunchy recipe!

The "Pavois de Sète" is a small shortbread with butter and free range farming eggs. Its production is local and artisanal with Occitanie flour.

We are proud to be a Languedoc company that pays tribute to our traditions and heritage.

The Pavois (Shield) is an important symbol in the eyes of the Sétois, which is why we chose to put it in the spotlight through this new creation.

Here the Pavois de Sète is flavored with anise and packaged in a 130g bag.

Water Jousts in a few words ...

This traditional sport of Languedoc consists in the confrontation of two jousters (one blue and one red) each placed in a boat.

During the passes, the jouster must attempt to drop the water with his opponent with a spear and a shield. The Pavois is the wooden shield protecting the chest of the jousters.

It will be necessary to wait until July 29, 1666 to see the first tournament of games in Sète. At the time, married men (in red) faced single men (in blue).

Remember to keep them in a dry place, preferably in an airtight box to ensure freshness and crispness as long as possible (up to 3 weeks after opening the bag).

Net weight: 130g

Best before: 9 months

Ingredients & Allergens

Farine de BLÉ, sucre, beurre (LAIT), OEUF, graine d'anis (1%), sel. Conditionné sous atmosphère protectrice. Contient Lait, Blé, Oeuf.  Peut également contenir  Fruits à coques, Soja.


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